Me and my Fury at Emerald Cams rolling road on 27th August 2002.  Since then I've
fitted a bigger engine which has necessitated retro-fitting bonnet bulges.

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Since 1995, my biggest hobby has been my self-built car, "Katie", which is a Sylva/Fisher Fury. This site is an honest account of my experiences while building it, driving it, and improving it.

The Fury was designed by, arguably, the most accomplished designer of kit cars (Jeremy Phillips) who set up his company, Sylva Autokits, in 1981. The Fury is considered to be the 8th car that Jeremy's designed. A full list of his designs, included launch year (where known) is below:

Pre-1994 Fury kits, sold through Sylva Autokits, are badged as Sylva Furies. In 1994 Jeremy sold the rights to the Fury to Mark Fisher, who set up Fisher Sportscars. Fury kits bought from 1994-2011 (which includes mine) are badged as Fisher Sportscars Furies.

Fisher Sportscars FURY

I would like to know why Jeremy called his creation 'Fury'. Did he get the idea from here I wonder?

I gained confidence to approach the task of building a car after many years of modifying my trusty MkIII Escort. This car, bought new by my parents in 1984 (after caving in to pressure from me) was sold to me in 1988 as my first car and it was my daily transport until November 2002. It was replaced by the Scooby.

Motto for the build: "Your angle grinder is your best friend!"

Hero: Fred Dibnah

This site contains my own personal views and opinions and does not intend to represent those of Jeremy Phillips or Mark Fisher or anybody else. I apologise if anything contained within it is wrong. I don't apologise if I have said something that you disagree with on subjective grounds! ;-)

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